e-dB Audio

Edwin de Boer | Music producer/audio engineer

Music production

Currently I am producing my band's first album. I have supervised multiple small projects and recorded several bands in the past year, but I'm excited about this one in particular, because it involves my own music and we all want it to sound big and expensive with the limited budget and time that we have.

Audio engineering

In February 2012 I got my degree as Pro Audio Engineer & Producer at Sound Education Nederland.. :-)

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Musical interests

I love music in general. I find every artist interesting in their own way, and I try to always keep an open mind when it comes to new music.

Seven Steps of Denial

I play guitar in a Heavy Metal band called Seven Steps of Denial. We don't necessarily focus on a certain type of Metal. In fact, we like to think that we just make whatever we feel like. This year we'll be releasing our first album!

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I've been playing guitar since 2007, when I was 18. It was a long, somewhat hidden passion that somehow, someway had to be exposed. Although right now I'm still learning every day, I do a lot of high demand recording for both internal and external projects.